Why modi was elected 3 times as a Chief Minister of Gujarat

A big storm is going on in indian politics. A storm which is ever big in the indian politics history. Yes it is storm like never before, where at one side UPA government which is ruling india since last 9 years and at another side one man who is rulling gujarat since last 12 years and elected 3rd time recently. The general election is to be held in less then one year and that battle is on for last couple of months.

At first glance, it looks like one man (Modi) Vs the whole UPA government. The challenge is bigger yet seems not impossible. It is like the “Abhimanyu” started to break “7 Kothas” of Mahabharata. The stregnth is there, the power is there and mind is only focused to do or die.

What I am writing and what I am going to write is not be’z of I am BJP supporter or in opposite to Congress or other parties, but I thought to share my thoughts as a common man what I have felt living in the gujarat since Mr. Modi is rulling.

The sole purpose is to express the feeling about the positive environment in the gujarat for last decade. For obvious reasons when the name “Modi” is taken, everybody thinks about Hindu, Hinduism and contraversies between gujarat development model and hindutva, but I don’t believe those are the primary reasons of “Modi” being famous and his image somewhere becoming so loud that makes other politicians a factor of fear. As per me, there are some other reasons which made “Modi” mantra so successful in Gujarat that he was elected 3times as a chief minister of Gujarat and you will find them impressive like I did.

I don’t eat and let others eat”: said by Modi which went viral immediately. I don’t back or deny any such sentances but yet it created a possitive reflections among the people of gujarat and a very trust worthy atmospher created where people felt that they are under good governance. What a common man wants is a trust, such as whatever money they are paying as tax, are going in a safer hands so that the due will be returned for sure. “I don’t eat and let others eat” is perfectly said sentance, ever such sentance is said by any politicians in the Gujarat political history.

Image of Discipline”: What you will feel when you are a government officer and you are out of office on unplanned leave and phone rings from MLA’s office from state capital, inquiring about wether you are in office or not. And If you are not present you get disiplinary actions? It sounds weird but if a common man hears this, it sounds impressive isn’t it? One of my friends has narrated about his father’s experience of few years working in as a government officer. I have heard lots of such stories from many people from various governement departments like government schools, Sachivalay (Gandhinagar), Narmada Nigam etc. If this is not wrong, it created an image of sound micro-management of a well educated state’s government.

Promise of Action”: No matter if its Ahemdabad’s BRTS (Bus rapid transite system), River front, Over bridges, Vibrant Gujarat and other projects ensuring rapid development of infrastructures all over the state. The development of infrastructures gives the first proof of having an effective government. Road infrastructure is improved drastically in 12 years compared years before and whoever transite from one place to another can feel that. This provides a “Promise to Action” to the people that they are being listened and rullers are aware about of their needs. I remember one person narrating about his person experience with Modi as a student. His college was closed to due licence cancellation and his education dream was at stack. The group of students mate Modi and within 7 days they were shifted to near by colleges. Imagine what that student would have felt? He might have really blessed Modi at that occasion.

One Man Show”: Yes its a one man show in Gujarat, wether somebody likes it or not but I believe somewhere in the minds of people they want to choose single leader with all the qualities and probably our history prooves that. Due to its One Man army image he can spread the charisma in the people. In my view, when there are too many leaders in a group of party and everybody is saying lots of things, it creates confusion among people. The idea as a single speaker and leader seems worked for last 3 elections in gujarat.

People of Gujarat Believes Him”: When he says “I developed” people believes that, when he says “Gujarat is Vibrant” people believes that, when he says “there is a good governance” people believes that. Gujarat amongst well educated states where one man can not fool crores of individuals for more then few years. There are reasons be’z of which people of gujarat believes him. Whatever he did and he is doing, the way he did is so perfect that the result is absolute. The present situation in gujarat which I feel is, if the election is held now for Gujarat assembly again, undoubtedly he will be elected 4th time. Imagine what else a party can expect from someone as an CM candidate?

What all I say is, there are other leaders in Gujarat and outside of gujarat but this leader is with difference. One man who demonstrates leadership in an ideal way, who promises and doesn’t break and show extra ordinary discipline so that people are forced to believe him. This is what I feel enabled him to be 3 times Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Do you have more reasons that you feel that india should be “Modi-fied” ?

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